Tooso brings Artificial Intelligence to eCommerce search

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Tooso brings Artificial Intelligence to eCommerce search

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Bring Artificial Intelligence to your search

Tooso technology understands the meaning of search queries and learns from users behavior. Bring your customers to checkout through smart personalized search experience.

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Understand customers

People search for things, not keywords: Tooso goes beyond keywords and understands the meaning of every component of a search query.

Zero maintenance

Tooso learns from every aspect of users' search and browsing behavior to automatically provide optimized results with no maintenance required.

Centralized intelligence

Tooso is designed for scalability: everything we learn, like new languages and product properties, is immediately available to all adopters.

Ciro Greco

Ph.D. in Neuroscience (Milan-Bicocca/MIT) and post-doctoral fellow in language science at Ghent University. Ciro is Tooso's CEO and is in charge of product design and vision.


Ciro Greco
Jacopo Tagliabue
Mattia Pavoni
Jacopo Romagnolo

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