Tooso provides AI to transform eCommerce search into a personalized and interactive experience. Now a part of Coveo.

Why isn't your search engine as smart as your shopping assistant?

Tooso tailors the search experience around your customers to understand their needs and bring them to check out.

Trusted by industry leaders

Give your clients unprecedented user experience

Increase your conversion rate

Guide your customers from search to checkout: our clients saw a conversion increase up to 20%.

Turn one-time visitors into loyal customers

Personalized search UX treats customers as unique. Make customers feel at home and they will always come back for more.

Focus on what matters

Free your team from the manual search maintenance: let Tooso take care of it automatically, with AI.

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Why are you underserving your clients?


of customers that had a bad search experience leave your shop


of customers that search for something require further interactions to find what they want





100-200 $

red cocktail dress

Why Tooso makes the difference

1. Search and discovery

2. Understand users intentions

3. Speak or type

4. Personalize the user experience

Tooso provides an interactive search experience by asking relevant questions to your customers, leading them to products they want to buy.





#price range

Tooso identifies the most relevant items and allows customers to describe the products by brand, color, material, style, occasion and much more.

Tooso is designed for a great UX on every device and supports speech recognition for vocal search.


bought an elegant dress for a cocktail party


bought a pair of yoga pants to jog in the park

Tooso learns your customers' preferences from their behavior and their shopping history, so they will always get the most relevant search results.

Our Team

Jacopo Tagliabue


Educated in several acronyms worldwide (UNISR, SFI, MIT) and former lead data scientist at Axon Vibe, Jacopo is Tooso's CTO.

Ciro Greco


Ph.D. in Linguistics and Neuroscience (Milan-Bicocca/MIT) and former post-doctoral fellow at Ghent University, Ciro is Tooso’s CEO.

Mattia Pavoni


Digital business consultant and strategist for more than 5 years (focus on eCommerce), Mattia is Tooso's CGO.

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