Boost your conversions with Artificial Intelligence. Solutions



Forget filters and categories: find products, brands, attributes and prices directly in the search bar.

Get users' intentions

Always get the best results: Tooso understands what customers want, even if there is no perfect match.

Adaptive learning

Provide a personalized experience: Tooso learns from users preferences and taste.


Anticipate customers needs and give them what they want with real-time suggestions.


Manage your account

Check your subscription and customize your settings, whenever you want from wherever you are.

Actionable analytics

Let data drive your decisions: Tooso provides you with unprecedented insights on your customers thanks to linguistic analysis.

Improve your catalogue

Sell what you customers buy: Tooso informs you of products that users searched for but couldn’t find.

Plug & Play

Tooso will launch with plug&play solutions for popular platforms and technologies - and many more are coming.

Custom stack? No worries: Tooso capabilities are all offered through our standard APIs, providing a seamless integration with any infrastructure.

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